Skyline S.A.M.’s areas of intervention in mediation

Skyline S.A.M. was born out of the desire to offer a mediation or arbitration service mainly in inheritance law.Inheritance cases are infinitely rich in terms as they involve so many facets of the law and of the world surrounding the individuals concerned. It involves dealing with human, legal and patrimonial (movable and immovable assets) aspects, how company law, labour law sometimes, international law, etc.

The legal expertise and skills of Skyline S.A.M.’s members as mediators and arbitrators will be used to deal with all elements of your estate.

Estate planning

One of the most difficult aspects to overcome in inheritance affairs is the absence of the person at the centre of the debate: the deceased. In order to prepare an estate in the best possible way and to anticipate possible difficulties that may arise after the death, the mediators of Skyline S.A.M. will accompany you in your estate planning.With the help of the Skyline S.A.M. mediators, you will be able to approach all the issues that concern you, whether they are legal, fiscal, personal, relational or even emotional.

The aim will be to find the most suitable solutions to your wishes and needs and to avoid conflicts when the estate opens

Inheritance litigation

When an estate opens, it is not rare that difficulties arise between the individuals involved. Skyline S.A.M.’s mediators are there to listen to you and your advisers and intervene in the most appropriate way. The objective will always be to bring your conflict to an end, while respecting the strictest confidentiality, using out-of-court methods adapted to your conflict. An estate is often said to be “closed” when the division of the inheritance is finalized.

The process to reach a final division of the deceased’s assets is a very delicate one. It requires an understanding of and a commitment to the choices made by all those involved.Skyline S.A.M. offers to assist you in this exercise in order to avoid difficulties and possible conflicts between the individuals concerned by the division