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Succession – Arbitratration – Mediation

Founded by two Swiss lawyers and mediators, Skyline S.A.M. offers to assist a discerning clientele in resolving their inheritance disputes through arbitration or co-mediation.


Arbitration consists of entrusting the task of judging a dispute to one or more private individuals (arbitrators) so that they can render a decision that will be binding on the participants, in the same way as a judgement.


Mediation is a method of amicable dispute resolution, conducted by one or more mediators whose task is to help the opposite sides to self-determine, that means. to resolve the problem(s) by themselves.

An alternative to litigation for a demanding clientele

Traditional conflicts resolution systems are proving to be incompatible with the need for quickness, mobility and predictability of those involved in inheritance cases. Regardless of the country concerned, the laws are toiling to keep up with the new generations when dealing with issues such as life expectancy, blended families, the geographical fragmentation of people and assets… it became urgent to offer an alternative.

Because judicial system is not always a successful solution.

Géraldine Chapus-Rapin and Antoine Eigenmann looked for other methods of approaching inheritance cases by combining the real interests of individuals with their intangible rights. It is in this context that they decided to move to mediation and to be formed in this method of conflict resolution with recognized institutes.