About Skyline S.A.M

Experience and encounters have gradually allowed us to realize that the true added value of our profession as lawyers, beyond technical skills, is to be a support and a backing for our clients, providing the necessary perspective.

It frequently occurs that their real interests differ from their initial position. Law for law’s sake can be interesting but neglects our raw material, which is the human being in all its complexity.

To the notion of kindness, which is often misused, we prefer the concept of fairness or a sense of justice. Defending with humanism makes us realize that every procedure has a cost, not only financial but also temporal and emotional, that no lawyer can claim to recover.

It is this realization that led us to create Skyline S.A.M in order to offer alternative solutions for conflict resolution, which take more into account these aspects, often predominant in the inheritance field both in planning and in litigation.

Whether as co-mediators, arbitrators, or lawyers, our goal is always to assist and support as best as we can, in often painful circumstances and where the stakes are high.

It certainly is the DNA of our professions.

Géraldine Chapus-Rapin et Antoine Eigenmann