Succession: a complex legal stage

A succession is a delicate time where law, emotion, and sometimes conflict converge. Skyline was born from the desire to offer alternatives to the judicial route, effectively resolving inheritance disputes. Our mediators can assist you and help you navigate this complex situation.

We invite you to consult our specialised ressource pages, giving you an initial overview of the main questions and legal focal points related to inheritance.

Estate planning

One of the most challenging aspects to overcome in matters of succession is the absence of the person at the heart of the discussion: the testator.

Estate planning provides a pragmatic approach to help you prevent potential conflicts that might arise among your heirs.

Inheritance litigation

An inheritance dispute can generally be understood as a disagreement or conflict that arises during the distribution of the assets of a deceased person, referred to as the deceased.

These disagreements can arise for various reasons, ranging from challenging the validity of a will to disputes over how the assets should be distributed among the heirs.

Succession mediation

Inheritance mediation is a collaborative and voluntary process aimed at resolving disagreements or disputes that can arise during the distribution of a deceased person's assets. User

Unlike the judicial route, inheritance mediation focuses on finding mutually beneficial solutions for all parties involved.

Succession arbitration

Arbitration is a dispute resolution method where the disagreeing parties choose one or more arbitrators to settle their dispute, rather than going through the courts.

The major advantages of arbitration are its confidentiality and its speed compared to judicial procedures.