Solving your dispute through co-mediation

Géraldine Chapus-Rapin and Antoine Eigenmann have been practising together for over a decade. More recently, they decided to offer a joint mediation service in complicated inheritance cases, considering the number of participants and the patrimonial, business, social and human issues.

Together, they target the difficulties to be overcome and accompany the participants in the quest of solutions that take account of all the factors involved.

Thanks to the intervention of two mediators, each of the participants is taken in to consideration in all their concerns and needs and nothing is left out. The reflection that involves seeking an individualized, long-term and multifactorial solution is improved and conducive in the long term.

The comediation proposed allows a better general vision and a perfect mastery of the process. The complementarity, training and common experience of Geraldine Chapus-Rapin and Antoine Eigenmann ensure a fine and tailor-made mediation.